Helena, Montana (MT)

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Area Code: 406
Prefix (NXX): 204
Calling outside U.S.: +14062041155
City: Helena
County: Lewis And Clark
State: Montana
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Mountain (GMT -07:00)
Registrant Company: Level 3 Communications, LLC - MT

406-204-1155 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Level 3 Communications, LLC - MT and is located in the city of Helena, Montana. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 4062041155.

Comments for 4062041155

#1 Telemarketer

Cant stop these area code calls from Montana and Romania. Even added my cell phone number to donotc***.gov without help

#2 Other

They called saying they were a law firm and I was being sued, court date today (day of call) and they represented some financial company I had never heard of and that unless I went down and paid $411.00 today, within 24 hours police would come and arrest me and place me in jail until court for "federal wire fraud", "bank fraud" and obtaining funds illegally.  They then wanted me to answer personal questions about myself.  I said if they wanted me to pay anything, as I have never taken out a payday loan (I did make a huge mistake and fill out an application for one online and have had no rest since) on-line, they needed to fax me a copy of the paperwork or at least a copy of the loan agreement that I signed.  His response was that his job was not to give me paperwork, only to inform me that if I didn't pay I was going to jail.  

#3 Other

They called my work place too

#4 Unknown

Supposed lawyer who says I took a loan from US Cash Advance and that he will put a warrant out for my arrest if I do not pay but cannot provide me any evidence to support his claim. This is an Extortion Scam(US Cash Advance, US Cash Net, and United Cash Advance are all on the FBI's Extortion Scam website.) and I am tired of this harassment. Never fill out online loan applications. EVER.

#5 Other

I got a call from this number from a person named Joseph Dawson called my work i know its a scam because i have had this happen before I reported it to the police so if they call my work back I will also report them to the police again.

#6 Other

These people have been calling me for weeks saying they are a law firm and,to have my attorney contact them by the,end of the business day. Wont tell me what it is about just that a,suit has been filed against me and that,they were going to,send,the,authorities to me. I save the msgs they leave on my phn. How can we stop this. They are even,calling my workplace.

#7 Debt collector

These idiots have been calling me for over a year!!!   I'm still waiting to be arrested and sued.  I myself like to play with
them and have a little fun.  I love when they get upset and start with their threats knowing there is nothing they can do!!

#8 Other

How do i make this number stop calling me at home and work saying they a law firm

#9 Other

Scam artist. They called me with the same mess... as long as I don't see anything coming out of my bank account they can bring the threats all they want.

#10 Other

got a call from these people saying in 3 hrs i will be getting arrested at my job due to being sued by a cash loan company which i have never heard of. They kept repeating themselves about how i will be in jail for a year if i cant pay back this money and so on and so on wtf?! Ruined my day

#11 Other

They called and was swearing at me and said they were a law firm.

#12 Other

This number keeps calling me threatening me saying that it's a legal matter and not to ignore the message or it won't end well for me. Last time This man with very broken english put me on hold to supposedly get my file when I hung up he called back and threatened me. Both times on voicemail so I am going to use these voicemails to report these sick people. I have no idea who they are but they haven't provided me any written documentation via United states postal Service to support their claims of me being sued!

#13 Other

They are scammers report them to the Feds.  

#14 Other

DId they every follow thru with the threats?  They called me yesterday saying I needed to pay 660.00 dollars or go to jail.  Never heard of them, no loan taken out.. This is a scam

#15 Unknown

I got a police report from Jefferson Co. Al. After receiving this call. I work in collections and know all the fdca. Rules

#16 Other

I also have been contacted by this number, saying that I have a civil suit that was filed against me. I asked the person that I was on the phone with, what this is in reference to, and the name of the company that filed the against me. He would not give me information, only that I would be arrested within 2 hours, I hung up the phone on him.I was not going to give him any of my personal information.  

#17 Other

Go on android or iphone app store and get a call blocker app. I have "Blocker 4.95." Add this number as a black list number and your phone will never ring again.

#18 Other

They're scammers, so they're not going to abide by the law.  What you CAN do is report them to the FTC, FBI and your state's Attorney General.  You can also print up this thread and give it to your HR Dept and/or manager to let them know you're being harassed by scammers.  Next time they call, advise them you know they're scammers, they've been reported, and they won't be getting a dime from you.  Rinse, repeat as necessary.

#19 Other

I have not answered this number is almost 3 months they keep calling me daily. I have had my attorney look into this and they get the run around too.  
Please someone make them quit calling me.

#20 Other

Keep getting a call from this number saying that I owe I told them if they didnt stop calling my number I will have police have them arrested for harrassment. I know this is a scam to try to get bank acct information. How are these people tapping into computer. Something needs to be done, but my understanding they are using magic jack phone numbers. Be aware.

#21 Debt collector

called saying they were collecting for us cash, never even heard of this company until today

#22 Other

yes they just called me and told me i need to get back with them with my attorney.. No don't cause i have done nothing wrong i just deleted the message.. they are crazy..

#23 Other

Calling pretending to be lawyers suing the person called

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